Tuesday, May 10, 2011

tooooomorrrrowwwwwww! (cue Annie song)

i have an important announcement.


i'm so excited!

I love Valencia (especially now that it's finally warm!)
I love the peeps in my program
I love how I was basically on vacation this whole semester (casual weekend trips to Paris anyone?)
I love the muffin children i tutor
I love that café is in abundance here and it's really delicious
I love city life (most of the time anyway) and being able to walk everywhere
I love Spanish food (not my madre's........) but paella & tortilla will always have my heart
I love learning a language & picking up on cultural sayings without even realizing it
I love sharing a room with Srams & having our intellectual/deep talks about random topics
I haved loved my experience here but I'm so ready to go homeee, see my fam (happy graduation aleesh!), eat cakes and cookies and pancakes whenever i want, sit on my couch w/ my sisters and leave only to go to the kitchen, see all my amigas, go to the playa, read a book because i feel like it, catch up on tv shows, oh and i guess take some math classes on the side.
so there it is, good bye valencia! until neeeext timeeee!!!

on another note though, we had our last dinner w/ madre tonight. the majority of the conversation was madre talking about nude people on the beaches. typical. today srams and i got madre flowers as a good-bye because she's been dropping hints at us ever since we got here. when we gave them to her, she basically started bawling (sp?) and kissed me i think seven hundred times. it was cute. whatta 180 since my first post huh? i hope she doesn't remember that srams and i stole her toast. oopsies.

anyways then we forced her to take a picture with us.

can i get a drum roll please?????

is that how you pictured her? 
for our last meal, she made us tortilla which is what she made us on the first night here. how nostalgic. 

i also went to tutoring for the last time today (sad) but i snagged a shot with the adorable little six year old girl. she made me a butterfly picture. it was the sweetest.

how cute is she?!!!!!

we went to the beach on sunday, had our last exams on monday and a closing program that night where one of the professors gave a 45-minute lecture on superheros. weird

then we celebrated our last night out in valencia at polo55 (basically the only place open to fiesta on a monday night) which was a good timeee! we celebrated w/ agua de valencias which is really just a mimosa but the valencianos think they invented it

anyways im off to finish packing

¡Hasta luego in AMERICAAAA!!! :)

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  1. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAST THIS FLEW BY!! insanity I tell you!
    Anyways, I am elated about your safe return, cannot wait to catch up, and have LOVED hearing about your adventures through this fantastico blog.