Monday, February 7, 2011

¿Quines son tus clientes favoritas?

So much to fill you guys in on!

so first things first....i got a camera this weekend!!! yippeeee so now i can finally post (my own) pictures on the since i know you're dying to see is sarah and i's room
her bed on the left, mine on the right. fun fact: theres a SAFE behind that photo above sarah's bed. oh yeah and that photo is of swastika's (creepy).

cute huh? madre cleans it every week and does our laundry which is pretty tight.


arts & sciences museo
BKP at its finest on friday afternoon
ME-uh [supermegaguay]
so this weekend sarah left me to travel to madrid with some other peeps from our program. me jackie and jean stayed behind so we fully intended on being supermega touristy and attend lots of museums/cafe's/shops/discotecas/etc. Cue thursday night. sarahs gone by the time i get home which means me and madre have our first dinner alone together. you guessed it! fried fish and potatoes. shocker. as a side note, madre went nutso this weekend with the seafood since sarah was gone. que lastima. k so after dinner my stomach wasn't feeling the greatest (again..shocker..) so when i was skyping with jackie & jean later, i told them i didnt think i was gonna make it out tonight despite our big plans. well peer pressured or not, i ended up rallying myself to not be so lame on a thursday night and took a cab over to first get yackie and then to get jean (aka carmen -- ppl in spain cant say jean so she now has the spanish name of carmen) and then we headed off to a NEW (to us, again) discoteca called MYA. pronounced like MEE-uh (the cab driver had no idea what we were talking about when we said MY-uh). this place is so cool its underground-- under the arts and sciences museum which is that big museum that looks like an eyeball that valencia is famous for. looks like this ^  . So we're botellóning on the steps right in front and 3 really nice, ENGLISH-speaking Valencian girls (very rare) ask us if we want to get in with them because they're on a special list. so were like tiiight and we go in with them...the place is awesome (as is every discoteca in espana). --> that pic is me and yackie in front of the entrance before you go downstairs to the club. so we dance dance the night away...enter jean/carmen's italian lover she met on her smoke break (talk about a muffin) aaand we go home via taxi cerca 5:30am. We sleep until 2pm on Friday (typical) but lucky for us -- no classes! yippee. we all met up in BKP which is really the Plaza de Ayuntamiento but we like to call it the Burger King Plaza (i now know how to get there all by myself without getting lost!!!! this is a big step for me). we had suuuch a fun day. the sun was shining, it was warm (hallelujah!), and we had lots of time to walk around and explore valencia. stopped for a cafe (or two....or three), bought my new camera!! and decided we were all gonna take it easy that night because our eyelids were already starting to droop around 7pm. 
when i got back to my house for dins, madre had a big salad on the table and i almost cried when i saw how good it looked. GREENERY! it was like the heavens opened up and dropped crisp green heavenly leaves with circular orange carrots of happiness. it was great. and then after i wolfed down my salad she brought me a plate of seafood with red sauce and well, you probably didn't guess this one......potato chips. what?? whatevs.  i quickly fell asleep after dinner. 

pretty park!

saturday morning madre tells me she prefers if i eat lunch with her today so im like okay maybe shes gonna make something special or something...i go for a quick run in the parque and when i come back to eat lunch, she brings me a huge bowl of soup. at first i thought it was a vegetable soup but then i saw mini octopus legs (otherwise known as the squid-y calamaris) floating around and i tried not to gag as i ate around the legs with no bodies. yuck i have the heebies just thinking about those squirming around in my soup. i wish i had a pic to show you but alas, i don't. ok so after lunch the gals and i meet up again, do some more walking around, taking pics in the tourist-y stores (the owners were not too happy...), and then it started to get cold because the sun was going down. on our way we passed by two different starbucks and it took all my energy not to go in but by the time we passed the third, i felt it was a sign (im sorry mama). i gotta tell ya i dont hate those sweet vanilla-y lattes with a generous helping of cinnamon thrown on top especially in comparison to the bitter coffee i down every morning en mi casa. i think ive developed quite a taste for the bitterness though but sometimes sugar calls ya know? plus they put an accent over the o in my was a cultural experience okay?! (i kept the cup.........)

for dinner we had one of sarahs favorites (not really) - the baked/fried apples with potatoes. except this time she gave me 
TWO apples
a salad
and cheese in addition to my potatoes! 
i think she is starting to realize i eat a lot more than i look like i can eat. which is like good and bad ya know.
jean and friends
that night we reunír en taxi (first i went to yackie's house which is REALLY nice and her madre's super cool/super diva) and then we picked up jeannie (who always loves to ask the cab drivers if we're their favorite clients of the night.) yackie had some connections because her madre's sobrina (niece) is 19 and very keen on social scene so we went with her back to los mirrores (see previous posts) where we got to skip the whooole line (i felt really cool) and quickly made lots of valencian friends!! niice. 

"La Ratonera"
on sunday, we decided NOT to be wastes of life the whole day so we set out on the town again and stumbled across a theater that was selling 10 euro tickets to see Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap." We thought it'd be totally cultural of us if we went and it was only 10 euros! well the 10 euro ticket was literally the absolute last row in the house but during intermission, carmen/jean had the sneaky brilliant idea to sneak into the boxes in the front that no one was even sitting in. SUCCESS! the view was much better and kept us from falling asleep. well, we really only understood about 1/3 of it. but after discussing it later (over coffee of course) we pieced together the plot (for the most part). all in all, great experience. :)

alrighty well it's 1:30 AM and i haven't started my homework yet but we had a two hour dinner tonight because the Feli show lasted an hour and a half! def the longest running since we've gotten here. but tonight was juicy . i think she's starting to like us more. for starters she gave us pizza which is our fave (she makes a mean pizza) but she also told us she's going to london on friday-monday to see her daughter (who lives there). then she told us a 45-minute long story about how one year she had two girls who had a party at her house when she went out of town for a night and how she lost all respect for the girls because they lied and cried, she told the director who got them in trouble, etc etc and basically scared sarah and i to death. SO i guess there goes having amigos over on sunday night. dang. okay well thats all for now! tomorrow is my first day tutoring english to these two cute kids (ages 6 & 9) yay im excited. hasta luego!! :)

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