Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend travelss

Sarah and I just got back from dinner. The Feli Show today was about teen pregnancy and then morphed into abortion which was an interesting topic. For the past couple nights, Feli was getting a little better with dinners aka she gave us a salad the size of a baseball (ill take what greenery i can get) and nothing was fried for 2 days...until tonight. i had the stingrays again dangit. my stomach queezes (sp?) at the thought of any type of food that has oil on it. sarah and i decided to go for a run in the park slash river yesterday despite the frisky weather. after 15 minutes id say what i was doing was somewhere between a dry heave and heartburn considering how out of shape ive gotten in these past 10 days so far...time to check out that gym i think before my poor arteries clog up.

in other news, we had a very fun-filled weekend because it was our first viaje! wahoooo we went to Xátiva which is where they always take the program kiddos on their first weekend. it's a small city (my dad whose been to Spain many times never even heard of it) where they have a cool castle at the top of a mountain.
first we went to a museum which was pretty standard--paintings, sculptures, mini replica of the city back in the ancient days. pretty neat except it wouldve been a liiiittle more interesting had they explained some stuff instead of just dumping us in there for an hour but oh well. before scaling the small hill mountain, we stopped in a cathedral where two popes came out of! of course then we started a very scholarly discussion over the history of the papacy (if only we had taken religious studies...) in which we did not come to too many conclusions. anywaysssssssss

we did it! :)
after the church we started on what we thought was a slight incline but turned out to be a little more than that.
since i am still camera-less (going tomorrow to get one!), jeannie let me borrow (play with?) hers for the trip. i realized how much fun you can have with those things! all the scenery and nature pics looked 93847 times better with the cool settings and we became semi-obsessed with figuring out what looked coolest with what setting. i wanted to try out all the cool settings cuz i knew they were on there somewhere even though most people don't even know how to use them) so here's some of my favsies from the trip.

my mama would be proud
yummy fresh fruta!

jean's personal fave..the miniature effect!
Later that night, we decided to check out a new (to us) place called PACHA. apparently it's supposed to be the "it" place to go around here because it doesn't get busy until 1-2AM and doesn't wind down until 8 and peeps from other countries/cities visit valencia just to go to this place (true story) us being typical american college kids, get there at 12 thinking there's got to be sooome people there. there were about two. but lucky for us because at least we didnt have to wait in any lines and within the hour it got paaaaacked. like shoulder to shoulder packed. the place was pretty crazy and really fun except we were a little thrown off by how non responsive (not sure if thats even the right word but whatever) spanish boys are. i mean one would think when a group of girls walk into a bar/club, the boys would wanna chat but oh nooo not aqui. those boys are really only interested in bromancing each other. kinda strange and then its hard to tell their orientation but whatevsss. sarah thinks its because they can probably tell were american. que lastima.

now im (sadly) off to do some homework even though i really wish i could be watching last night's episode of desperate housewives and drinking a café..ugh the realization of classes es no buenoooo. hasta luego!

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  1. i love hearing your stories in such a veronica way!! we miss you lots lots lots but all the details and all the experiences and pictures make it ok that you are an ocean away! keep drinking cafe and speaking spanish and hiking mountains and being euro-chic. think about you all the time!! (and not just when I'm finding fanntastico deals in the Charlottesville area...)
    xox kaylie