Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

okay so before I begin I just want to say how spanish we are...actually as I'm speaking (writing?), me and Sarah are sitting a cafe con free wifi drinking cafe's con leche (the abundance here is UNCANNY! im in heaven). anyways, some straggler homeless man just walked in and is haggling sarah to buy roses and shes just smiling and repeating no no no but he wont stop hahahahahahahahaha i should probably say something...

okay he's gone. phew.

so back to the post.

the GOOD? Today is a great day! It's Tuesday which means back in Charlottesville it's free chocolate chip cookie day at Calvino Cafe (YUM!!!!!!!) they're really good - you should go get one if you're there! BUT it's also a great day because i booked tickets to go to PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!! cooooool!!!! I"m so sosoooo excited (in case you couldn't tell by my excessive punctuation) because I've never to been there before (or anywhere in France for that matter)!! I can't wait to take really corny pictures (i HAVE to do something about this camera situation..) under the Eiffel Tower that i know Elizabeth is gonna make fun of me for later haha and be supermega euro! yippeeeee :) i'm a happy happy girl because it's going to be our first viaje and we're going to meet up w/ some of jackie's amigos which should be niiiiice. also, the gals and i have been doing a lot of exploring the city like the cool antiguo (ancient) parts. two days ago we were out exploring and we stopped in a cafe to get churros y chocolate which is a really popular "snack" here. it's sooooooo good. first of all, the chocolate isn't liike our hot chocolate, it's more like a melted bar of chocolate (that thick...) with a splash of milk. you dip the churro in it and ahh the heavens open up. anyways, after dinner we're gonna go out tonight despite 6 hours of class tomorrow.

the BAD? okay so i guessssss school doesnt have to be classified bad because my classes aren't too bad but for the title's sake, we are. today was our second day of escuela and im still trying to straighten out all my classes, but so far I know I have to stay in a survey of spanish literature and survey of latin american literature because i need them to finish my major. as for the other three, we shall see. in the running are literature & cinema (seems really cool but the teacher talks a million miles per minute), translation from spanish to english (despite easy-sounding title, ive heard its actually really hard), and introduction to spanish art (which i think im actually going to keep because i really like spanish art -- velazquez is my faaaavee).

the UGLY? ah what could be so ugly in espana you may be wondering? well my insides for one. by that i mean my estomago because for the past 4 nights, sarah and i have been only eating a plethora (sp?) of fried foods. I mean like everything. is. fried. now my mama didn't raise no fool and taught me about the evil, artery-clogging, rising cholesterol triglycerides (sarah just told me that word) that fried foods bring. and i mean dont get me wrong, i used to BEG for mcdonald's fries (side note: in elementary school i once faked being sick so my aunt could pick me up and "heal" me with mcdonald's fries...FAT) anyway our madre has taken fried foods to a whole new level: fried egg, fried artichokes, french fries, fried fish fingers, fried mini stingray, fried SARDINES (i almost gagged at the table), fried apple (yes, i said apple). can you think of any other weird food? now imagine it fried and we've probably eaten it. sarah and i think its because our madre is pissed that we're vegetarian. our stomachs are in knots and other peeps on the program told us we should talk to the program director about being malnourished. we're gonna give it to the end of the week to see if things change. well, we're off to dinner. cross your fingers it's not something fried!!!

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