Thursday, January 20, 2011

the Launching post

***This post was supposed to be posted yesterday but my comp died on me and I forgot to bring converters aye****
So here we very first blog post. As I write this, I'm sitting at the JFK airport ticket counter. I've been here for about an hour and a half and still have another 3 1/2 hours to kill. Thank goodness for free internet! My morning has started off a little rocky but I think once I get some Starbucks in my system I'll be much better. After a solid 3 hours of sleep due to last minute packing (typical me), my first flight had to make a detour emergency landing in Orlando because the A/C was leaking??? Luckily they just happened to have an identical spare plane lyin' around there so we hopped on there and took off. 
When we landed I managed to collect all four of my bodybags (see pic) 
             not the best pic...taken via iPhone since my camera esta muerto (dead)

& pile them onto a cart. I rode the little AirTran over to the terminal and here I am! I'm hoping someone I know is gonna get here soon because I already ate my Luna bar and peanut butter sandwich and I'm about to gobble the whole bag of white choco chip cookies my mama packed me. Alrighty so while I've got some time to kill here, I might as well mention a few tidbits.

Numero uno. I have only ever heard about 2% of all cliche sayings and I usually don't know what they mean. My kind best friend Elizabeth pointed this out to me first year when I asked her what "looking a gift horse in the mouth" meant. She hasn't let me live that down (hasn't lived it down??) since. SO if i use a saying that doesn't exactly make sense, try to pretend you know what i mean.

Numero dos. this blog is going to be PG-rated because the parentals as well as my favorite second grader in ze worldddd is going to be reading this (hi Isabella!!!!)

Numero tres. I won't be using correct punctuation most of the time. Capital letters and correct periods seem way to serious to me for this blog. plus its easier to write like this wooopsies sorry

So fast forward a couple (like 15) hours later and me and sarah are chillin in our house. after that nice  layover, I finally met with the rest of the crew and hung out/bonded until our flight boarded. Luckily they had a Starbucks and I got a venti coffee (sorry mom) and then to my extreme delight someone informed me Starbucks is now making a size BIGGER than a venti called a TRENTA!!!! I can hardly believe it. Anyways everyone was so excited to see the movies that would be on those great personalized TV's that are on international flights (Jean mentioned how great the video games are) only to see when we boarded there were no. personal. TV's. Strike one Iberia airlines. I mean i didnt even know they made planes without those tv's. oh well. luckily dinner time came soon after when we were presented with our options: beef or chicken. For those of you that don't know, I am a (fairly new) vegetarian so I asked for a vegetarian option. none. Strike two Iberia. My stomach is about to eat itself as I quickly demolish the cheese and bread on the tray (reminiscent of prison food). 8 hours later, we arrive in Madrid, get our equipaje (luggage), and boarded the bus for Valencia. Another 4 hours later, we arrive at the bus stop (you can imagine the greasy hair & eye bags to the cheeks we were rockin at this point) we met our adorable madre at the bus stop & she was so excited to see us! She's a super nice - me and Sarah lucked out!  Talks a little fast but it keeps me on my toes ha.
After dinner, we couldn't figure out the password to the internet (our madre knows zippo about internet) so we bummed it off some guy upstairs named "thomson" and watched reruns of sex & the city until we passed out. orientation at 9:30 tomorrow morning! yippeeeee

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  1. Barone, you have to request veggo meals when you book the flight! I went all the way to Australia with no personal tv. United international sucks too. Sounds like you're having fun though! Hope you learn your way around soon! haha