Tuesday, March 29, 2011

palm trees!

so just a little update on ze madre situation...things over this side of the pond have been getting better with her...as in, i think she's forgotten about the tostada/mermelada incident. haha. however, last week i wanted to snap a pic of dinner and with her so i could post it for you guys but when i took my camera out & asked to take a pic w/ her, she flat out told me "no porque necesito ponerme guapa" aka...she has to make herself look prettier?? which like...she's 76 years old i dont know who she's trying to woo but to each his own i guess (<--does that saying even apply here?)

okay anyways on to mallorca!

soo originally it was supposed to be me anna sarah carly and yeans but last minute sarah & yeans had other plans. i had forgotten that i bought the tix earlier for a flight that was earlier w/ sarah so since she wasn't coming anymore, it was just gonna be me myself and i chillin in the airport for 5 1/2 hours until anna & carly arrived. no pasa nada

skipped my one arte class that day (which turned out, only 5 ppl went anyway haha), figured out the metro (go me!), somehow managed to not have my one bag weighed by the psycho RyanAir people (because it was definitelyyy more than 10kg), & made it to mallorca! i got a little ansy w/ all the duty free & couldn't resist buying some peanut m&m's (love those things) & other chocolate goodies while i was waiting..typical me

so the girls finally arrive & by the time we made it back to our hostel we were beat. so we went to sleep.
friday morning we woke up early to get in on the included-breakfast action & then set off for the day. we walked over to the plaza d'españa (i think every city in spain has one of these haha) & saw that big red open air tourist bus. we got starry-eyed. a guided tour that'll take us to all the important stops in mallorca! sidenote: my computers being uber fussy and isnt letting me upload pics at the moment so see fbook for some pics!
anyways so the bus was great because our tix were valid for 24 hours so that meant we could go on and off at the different places that we wanted and all would be grand. it went around to 16 different stops, all over the city of Palma but we decided to get off at the most important: the catedral y el castillo de bellver. both superrrr cool and the former was breathtaking! also, the only catedral in the world (so they say) that reflects in the water (because its built next to the playa!) anyways, as per recommendation of my daddio we walked all around the old streets behind the cathedral where they have looots of tapas restaurants & neat shops. including a "chocolate factory" where carly bought the most delicious dark chocolate truffle i think ive ever had in my life.
so after a long nap, tapas dinner, and some mojitos, we decided to bar hop until we arrived at the discotecas. the funniest part about going to these discotecas in all these cities is that the VIEWS are literally INSANE! like they alllll are in prime picture-taking location and Tito's in mallorca was no exception. had to take a glass elevator to get up to the top [niiice].
in true fashion, we were hungry by the time we left tito's only to discover the tour de latenight that is mallorca. food stands liiiine the playa and stay open until 7-8AM! we were in heaven. we stopped for a super giant hot dog (no carne for me), french fries, & ended w/ a sweet treat aka dulce de leche crepe (probs the best flavor ive chosen thus far).

on saturday morning our receptionist guy recommended we take this really cute old wooden train thats been around since 1912 to take us to a town in the north of mallorca called Soller. We couldn't have asked for better weather. literally the train rides through beautiful forests and cuts through mountains. i mean the views were absolutely amazing and when we arrived at the town, there was a market going on!! ugh my favorite!! i freakin love these open air markets with all the specialized people with all their specialized products. this one was especially cute, and it had FREE SAMPLES!! ohh i died. slash went sample-crazy. they also had people squeezing oranges and selling the best tasting orange juice evaaaa! tasted literally like you bit into an orange. no synthetic chemicals and preservatives! just the way i like it! of course they sold other stuff besides food like traditional clothing and castinette's but the food in these places makes me googly-eyed so sorryyy for the excessive descriptions.
after the mercado we took a tram over to the port de soller where the beach was! finally some beach time!! it was a little chilly still but we managed to bite the bullet and pass out in the sun for a couple hours before heading to a cafe right on the water for a little lunch. i felt like i was on my honeymoon minus the...husband. bummer.

sunday we basically just lounged the whole day by the beach even though it was chillier than the previous 2 days because our flight wasn't until the night. all in all a great vacay and im so happy i went!!

this week my tutoring lady wants me to come back three times this week! eeeek at least im makin some c@$h m0n3Y ya know? haha also, the program finally took our suggestions and tomorrow we're going to see a traditional flamenco show! bet you didn't know that when i was younger i made my mama buy me a flamenco dress from spain and i wore it to school for show-n-tell HA wish i could show you a pic of THAT! anyways its 12:40 and i have to write a paper (can you tell im procrastinating??) sooo ¡hasta luego!

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  1. :-) yay love all the stories! sounds fantasticooo keep em coming. kisses times a million! xox, k