Thursday, March 31, 2011

cultural lessons from a 13 year old + pics from last post

today i learned something new.

today was a beautifulllll day in valencia! hot and sunny, just how i like it. so when i went to the school to tutor this morning i forced the girls to sit with me on the terrace despite their complains against the heat (how could you not like the heat?!) anyways so as we were chatting and they were sweating we started to talking about being in school plays. then they told me how to say "good luck" in spanish. now if you have any knowledge of the language, directly translated you would say Bueno suerte! or something like that. instead, the girls told me you say "Mucha Mierda". now ..directly translated...mucha mierda literally means "a lot of *the-not-nice-word for poop*". you can imagine my surprise. but i asked why and they told me an interesting story that i felt compelled to share with you so that you too can be cultural.  

back in the yonder days people would go to the theatre (or is it theater??) for entertainment. except since they obvi didnt have cars back then they would go by horse + carriage. if a lot of peeps went to watch you perform at a theatre, that would mean lots of horses were out in the streets, and thus "lots of poop". so thats why instead of good luck they say "mucha mierda". interesting huh? i dont recommend telling that story to your boss.

tomorrow were going to the mercado central and la playa because its supposed to be sunny and hot!!! yayy spring is finally here!
oh and here some pics from last time:
on the double decker tourist bus

in front of the pretty catedral

in soller, mallorca

playa de palma!

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