Sunday, April 3, 2011

¿Más playa, por favor?

I had a great weekend.

No Friday class. and it was sunny! really sunny!  so i went to the beach - TWICE! oh boy did it feel good to plop down in the scorching sun with my ipod and trusty Arbonne tan-enhancing sunscreen.

Friday morning I finally got around to checking out the Mercado Central, mainly because it closes at 1 everyday and I am not usually in that area before then. nevertheless i got another one of those horchata/banana/strawberry smoothies and headed over there. it was so cool! you guys know how i love those markets...This one was all indoors and if you could make a beeline past the nasty-smelling fish section, a whole new world awaits! thats actually  exaggerating but they did sell everything you could possibly imagine. including garbage-sized bags of tri-color pasta in really fun shapes that i really wanted to take home with me. instead i settled for apples, plums, and lots of dried apricots (my new obsession fyi!)

I spent the rest of the day here.
 apparently all the spaniards think its too early to go to the beach just because its the beginning of april (they clearly dont check the weather forecast that says 76 and sunny!) so it was empty! by far the quietest beach ive ever gone to and it was sooo relaxing. just what i needed.

friday night some peeps in our program's intercambio's were selling these 12euro tickets for an open-bar extravaganza. the crowd was younger than the typical late 20's/early 30s doods at the discotecas so it was a fun time. we also ran into our favorite bartender from fallas which was kinda funny/cool because we love him haha

Anyways saturday me and yacks went the beach again all day. later i went for a run in the parque and then madre and i had dinner. i should probably tell you that sarah's been in italy all weekend with her fam (jealous!) so its just been me and the madge around here. good news though- she likes me now! haha only took 3 months but whatevs. we ended up having a 2 1/2 hour dinner because we were talking (well, she was talking). i put in my two-sense (?) when i could but like i said earlier, madre's got a lot of opinions. anyways im starting to like her stories...well, kinda at least. hey it's a start! plus she gave me strawberries and whipped cream after lunch today which means she really is starting to like me. niiiice.

at the moment its 8:30 and i still have another hour before dinner. my body lotion smells like vanilla cookies and im about to eat my arm off. just thought i'd share. can't believe i only have a month left here and only 3 weeks till i see my fam! i cant waiiiiitttt to see them! :) also to eat endless amounts of these and these and these and these. okay im done. can you tell i'm hungry?
¡hasta luego!

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