Thursday, April 14, 2011

My day

...sooo this is what I did today.

I woke up early to finish a paper...handed it in...finally watched the season finale of desperate housewives (really good!)...went to spanish arte class (a total snoozer until he put on a video of Velazquez aka my favez)...

then i went to Starbucks.

After 3 months i would say i'm pretty accustomed to all the....customs...and while i do love all the cafe's here, i'm sorry but i like to keep a little piece of america in the form of starbucks while i'm learning all about all these cool places/things. Every tuesday and thursday i tutor from 6-8 but i have about an hour and a half between when my class ends & tutoring time and i juuuust happen to pass by a starbucks on my way to their house. stop judging me the spaniards LOVE starbucks. and caramel macchiato's with extra whip cream..

anyways so i like to switch it up while im here so since it was hot out today i decided to go w/ a cold drink. i ordered a venti passion fruit iced tea but somehow that got lost in translation and i ended up with a venti mango frappuchino.....

it wasn't all that bad except for it was essentially a fruit smoothie (which i really wouldn't ever order at starbucks.....) oh and it was FIVE EUROS


that's like $6.50.

now i don't mind paying a little more for american comfort/coffee but i mean c'mon that's like TWO take-it-away sandwiches for a smoothie. i don't even pay that in the states for my usual venti sugar free vanilla soy latte! whatevs i will NOT be getting this in the future but i felt bad giving it back to the guy...especially since afterwards he came around with samples of their amazing bakery display and let me try every flavor sample! aww. maybe he felt bad for me because who orders mango smoothies at starbucks? well i guess me.... case you were wondering, the white chocolate cookie and chocolate muffin were AMAZING.

anyways so afterwards i went to tutor, got owned by a 9-year old in Never Have I Ever, and then learned some more history about the politics of Spain in the Feli Show. her shows actually have been getting quite interesting..sarah and i have come to learn that she's actually a pretty smart lady...we also talked about the differences between catalán and valenciano (dialects of Barcelona & Valencia, respectively) which is always a heated subject in these parts. linguists say it's basically the same because valenciano is a derivative of catalán but if you ask a barcelonian (?) or valenciano, they will FREAK if you try to say they are the same language. there you go again with the spanish pride. why can't they all just get along?! i swear this country is still in a civil war...did you know that Catalunya (the region where Barcelona is) wants to separate from spain and become their own country with Spain's money? and so does the Basque region!! (from the north). How weird is that?! that's like saying california and florida want to become their own countries but use obama's money to do it....liiiiiike no. not gonna happen. 

anyways i'm off to bed because i'm getting up early tomorrow to catch a bus to madrid. guess who's there???

MY MAMA!!!!!! im super duper excited :) and will have new pics & stories when i return!

also, if u are reading this and i told you we'd skype tonight, i'm really sorry!!!!!! you already know im bad with technology communication but i will chat with you when i get home!

have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!! :)

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