Monday, April 11, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action

i know thats a really lame-o title haha but i wanted something to describe how i'm feeling right now.

let me explain.

lately, i feel like i'm in the middle of a movie set here. my first feeling came the other day when i was on my way back from the beach. i hopped on the bus and since there's always a lot of old people on the buses i chose to stand. As I stood, i watched this real cute old couple chatting away/gossiping about their friends, etc. at the next stop this older man, dressed in a really nice suit and some fancy shmancy pins on his lapels, comes on the bus and instantly makes friends with this older couple...gabbing/laughing away. he recognizes another one of his compañeros sitting in the back, goes and chats with them. then the guy starts casually tap dancing on the bus (while we were moving, mind you) and everyone started applauding i mean i thought it was a joke i couldn't believe what i just witnessed on a public bus. and then just got off at his stop and everything was back to normal. like uhhh whatttt?? sometimes i cant help but smile when i overhear some of these conversations too. i'm not trying to eavesdrop but its so fun when you can understand what they're talking about! sillly them, they think im a tonta americana.

anyway, on a sadder note, my second movie experience came tonight at dinner. madre's been really starting to open up to sarah and i and liking us more! which is good...(now how do we tell her we loathe that mushroom pasta?!) yesterday was her sister's 70th birthday and her nephew threw a surprise birthday party for her. our madre was basically in tears last night telling her how amazing it was and how nice to have everyone there for her birthday because (and here comes the sad part...) "nadie sabe la soledad..." ("nobody knows the solitude") she's referring to her husband who died 15 years ago :( . madre only has one daughter (unmarried, no kids) who lives in london now and is a professor. madre told us how no one was there for her 70th birthday or her 75th birthday and how lucky her sister was that they all were there to celebrate because it was so agradable. i think my eyes were tearing up i felt so sad for her! then she started to tell us how her daughter (who's now 40 yrs old) still refuses to talk about her dad. madre talked to us about the days leading up to his death (she just says "enfermo" so i think it might've been cancer??) and how the doctors at the hospital told her that her husband was "wasting a bed" because there was no remedy for his illness and he was definitely going to how horrible! it was really sad...and when she was talking..i couldn't help but feel like i was in a movie set because here was this ...essentially stranger telling me these really personal things about her past. it just felt so weird.

soOoOo now that you know my thoughtsss lets talk about what i did this weekend! if you had the pleasure of talking to me within the past 96 know i was very distraught. remember that really crappy airline i told you about before with all the weird baggage requirements and stuff?? yeah well DON'T EVER TAKE RYANAIR FLIGHTS!!!!! for realz though. like im fuming mad with them. this weekend two of my friends were going to visit our other friend who's studying abroad in london this semester. i've never been to london before and i know i dont really wanna make a trip across the big pond juuust for london in the future so i figured a weekend getaway would be perfect to see all the touristy stuff & get a feel for the city etc. SO since i waited till the last minute to decide, prices were a wee-bit high. i asked my dad if i could go anyways and he graciously and nicely said i could charge it to the credit card!! scoreeeeeee i was sooooo excited. plus it was our last weekend to travel before spring break plans & i was itching to see a new city. i frantically tried to book the tickets in-between classes because dumb ryanair told me there was one seat left.

i got a payment error.
i tried it again. and again. and again.
by this time i was late for class and in crisis lockdown mode so i frantically texted everyone in my whatsapp contacts asking them to try to book the tickets. they all got payment errors...WHAT is going on here. i asked my sister in the US, my mom in the US, my friend in Spain...tried in on my comp, sarah's comp, school comp - NOTHING WORKED! i was basically on the verge of tears because alls i wanted to do was book the freakin ticket! when i got home i called my credit card companies...nothing wrong with my credit cards. by this time, it was past business hours so i waited until the morning to call ryanair. after arguing with the guy he finally let me book it over the phone and lo and behold PAYMENT ERROR!!! i think by this time there was smoke coming out of my ears and my heart was about to leap out of my chest (also could've been the 3 cups of coffee i had 10 minutes before..) but i took it as the universe trying to tell me it wanted me to stay in Valencia our very last weekend to travel.
soooo see ya lata london. maybe next time.
since we didn't have class and it was a balmy 78 degrees & sunny, we went to the playa all day. all sorts of rando stuff happens in valencia when the weather gets nice. for example, on the boardwalk, valencia this weekend happened to be hosting a renaissance festival. really it was more like an arabic festival (complete with donor kebaps & evil eyes) but it was still cool because i love those things. PLUS me and yacks scored some free candy which was tight. that night we hit up that cool underground discoteca in the artes y ciencias buildings which is always a good time. since sarah had amigos from high school in town, she took them to go see all the touristy things on saturday and i opted for the beach. brought my bocadill and my libro and parked it on the playa for a good 5 hours. (got a nice tan goin too!) it was great. very relaxing. and i think my heart was finally starting to slow down from the earlier fumes...

saturday night i had another long dinner with madre (now i forget what we talked about...) but i remember it was good haha.
on sunday me and srams and her friends went to mass in the catedral - it was really neat! cept they didn't have any music which i thought was weird (no organ or choir?!?!) but it was still cool going to a service in español.
then in the afternoon we decided to take a mini-excursion to a pueblo nearby called la albufera. it's basically a little town set on a lagoon but the weather was beauuuutiful and they had boat rides that went through the lagoon! so we took one of those, the motor burned out, and we had to be rescued but it was quite the adventure!

only 9 more days until i see my mama and tia linda!!! im soo excited for our trip even though coming back will be hades because of exams. booooooo.
sorry for blabbing and being short by the end, i just wanted to update you guys real quick cuz now i gotta go write a paper and it's already midnight! ayeeee

¡hasta luego!!!

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